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Take a new holistic approach to your well-being with our mobile apps and get personalized health and wellness recommendations to live a more joyful and fulfilling life

Our healthful products

We create salutary apps for you and people you care about the most so you can focus on things that really matter. Meditate, relax, and enjoy your life with us


Meet your very own Patronus - an app for meditation & inspiration. It is the simple path to a more holistic lifestyle with an ever-growing library of various meditations and audio for relaxation


Personalized programs created by experts, everyday youthful tips and tricks, daily skincare routine – everything you might need to stay young and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a single app

Baby Panda

Put your little one to sleep in a few minutes by playing one of 100+ relaxing sounds designed by practicing somnologists. Stay relaxed and fall asleep quickly even through the busiest nights


Escape routine, fix your sleep, relieve stress and calm anxiety. Enjoy a sensory relaxation that actually excels deprivation tanks! Explore the trend that seized the attention of billions worldwide

Quality first

We think that products must be useful, engaging and convenient for the end-user. So we follow this concept throughout our development and post-release practices. Feel free to share with us your opinions, concerns or any possible problems

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IT job you've been dreaming of

Being specialists in our sphere, we focus on quality and unicity of our products over anything else, but we also admire various off-work activities and entertainments. Here is what you get apart from development sprints

  • Participation in the development of interesting products

  • Flexible schedule

  • Comfortable office with playstation and snacks

  • Education and development

  • Corporates, games and teambuilding

  • Excellent team of like-minded people